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De artikler, som wakf.com bringer under sektionen Nyheder er taget fra danske aviser og afspejler ikke nødvendigvis DIT's holdninger.

Publish Muhammad Cartoons in School Books, Urge Danish Parties

Skrevet af Felicity Capon den . Sendt til Nyheder

Imran Shah, spokesperson for the Islamic Society in Denmark, also condemns the proposal, accusing the Conservatives of a “cheap” policy designed to sway voters in the run-up to the elections, due to be held in September. “We don’t see these images as cartoons or caricatures, we see them as a derogatory political signal, and one that is designed to split society from within,” he says. “The elections are coming up, and the Conservatives have absolutely no policy on the economy, or the rising percentage of unemployed people. Any party in a crisis will throw the card of immigration and radicalisation into the debate. It is a very cheap way of conducting election points.”

Shah continues: "Muslims will always condemn any images of the Prophet Muhammad, that is a fact and it will always be that way. We have just been through a terror attack. It is very irresponsible and while everybody in society tries to gather the pieces and return to the common ground reassuring our coexistence, we have these politicians who act way below statesmanship to continue to divide and sow the seeds of disharmony."

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