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Status på vores 9 mio. kroners indsamling til udvidelse af moskéen

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Israel - Det eneste "demokrati" i Mellemøsten: Dødstal i Gaza er nu over 1942

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According to the Gaza office of the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, the totals as of [Aug 10, 2014] are:


  • 1,942 Palestinians (459 children) were murdered, of whom 79 percent were civilians, compared to 67 Israelis (4 percent civilian). The deadliest days were Aug. 1 (152 Palestinians killed), July 29 (145) and July 30 (143).
  • The highest death toll occurred in the Khan Yunis area in southern Gaza (546, including the massacre in Khuza'a), followed closely by Gaza City (436, including the mass killing in the Shejaya neighborhood) and Rafah (387).
  • Among the dead are 16 health care personnel, 12 journalists and 11 UNRWA employees.
  • More than 9,500 Palestinians (9,563) have been wounded, flooding over-taxed hospitals – including 2,877 children.
  • An estimated 350,000 Palestinians remain displaced from their homes due to Israeli threats or home destruction, with about half seeking refuge in UN facilities. Others are sheltering with friends and relatives – with multiple families often staying in one home.

Buildings and Equipment

  • 10,765 homes have been either destroyed or damaged.
  • 321 businesses, factories and other places of industrial or commercial activity are damaged, as well as 19 financial institutions.
  • 231 schools and six universities are damaged, compromising the education of 260,000 students.
  • 140 mosques and churches are destroyed or damaged, as well as 12 cemeteries.
  • 55 fishing boats are damaged, affecting 3,000 individuals dependent on them for a living, along with 22 nonprofit offices that provide charitable services.
  • 25 hospitals and primary-care clinics, along with 14 ambulances, are damaged. Another 14 health facilities were forced to close due to their dangerous locations and a severe shortage of staff.
  • 19 electricity-generation plants and nine water-supply and waste treatment facilities were hit, threatening the health and safety of nearly all of Gaza's 1.8 million population.

Economic Impact

  • Direct economic losses total an estimated $2.3 million.
  • Lost work opportunities and other indirect costs add up to another $490 million.

"The Palestinians of Gaza will need significant, sustained help with rebuilding and healing, and the international community must both step up to the plate and hold Israel to account," says Ramy Abdu, president of the Euro-Mid Observer. "But what is even more important is a permanent end to the blockade so that we will never return to this state of destruction and can support ourselves with dignity."

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